Cannes 2010

„Eine flexible Frau ist in Cannes eingeladen! Hauptdarstellerin Mira Partecke, Schauspielerin Angelika Sautter, der Produzent Jan Ahlrichs und Regisseurin Tatjana Turanskyj waren dabei.“

36_leitern8_VormKino33_Dreiauf Croisette14_3vordemFilm

Every year, ACID presents 9 films in Cannes during the International Film Festival. Most of them do not have a distributor. The aim is to give visibility and public release to new talents. ACID’s support does not stop after the presentation in Cannes. After Cannes, ACID presents the films to 20 festivals in France and abroad. ACID helps the director and its production company to find a distributor in France and when one is found, ACID works on the release as referred before.

Several now famous film directors were programmed by ACID in Cannes at their debut, as Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, Avi Mograbi, Robert Guédiguian, Gérard Mordillat, Jean-Pierre Thorn, Nicolas Philibert, Yolande Moreau, Gilles Porte, Serge Bozon, Vincent Dieutre, Lucas Belvaux, Claire Simon, Alain Gomis…